Monday, July 22, 2013

Relaxed, Rejuvenated & (hopefully) Ready???


Behold- the Mac Genius gods have granted my greatest wish- a new MacBook! One with all of the keyboard letters intact.  One without ants crawling through the keys.  One without Jimmy-Johnsish-greasy fingerprints all over the trackpad.  I can finally type using correct punctuation and the letter "u!"  Did I mention the keys light up so I can type in the dark? Brilliant.  Yep, I've seen an untouched, virgin MacBook before.  But this one is's just not the same until its your own.  Max helped buy it for me for my bday!  ANNNyway, I'm so excited to start updating the blog again.  A lot has happened since February 28th.

A brief timeline:

  • Max passed S3 with flying colors!  Max > S3. But we already knew that of course.
  • I moved back to AZ & got a "9-5" at the mall.  Whatever... its fun, it makes me feel independent, and it keeps $ in our bank account.  Did I mention its Ferragamo? More on that later.
  • Max came home for a quick break in April.  We celebrated his 25th bday with a sweet visit from momma Kim!  
  • We also celebrated 1 year of being engaged by treating ourselves to a couples massage at the Montelucia Joya spa. Heavenly!
  • I enjoyed Di's 70th bday celebration on a cruise to St Maarten, St Thomas and Nassau on the massive Allure of the Seas!  I also had a small run in with Max in Ponoma Beach for 2 days.  We needed it.
  • All of our wedding vendors (minus the so far non-existent, non-denominational rabbi) are BOOKED! 8 more months. Next project? STDs. (Ew, not actual STDs...Save the dates! obvi!)
Fast-forward to now...

Max takes his S4 FINAL EXAM tomorrow! Poor guy.  He's worked HARD to get to this point.  He's lost a lot of hair, time and sleep, gained a lot of wrinkles, knowledge and debt, but he's there. Finally.  It's safe to say that we didn't get Rossed out of our relationship.  The island didn't break us.  It may have  done the opposite.  Time goes by much faster when I'm not sitting at home like a doormat waiting for Max to return home for a meal.  At this point, I have no regrets about my little hiatus on the island.  I actually miss it on occasion. But let's be honest....I don't miss it THAT much. :)

I can't wait for Max to get back in approx 28 days. The next plan of action involves Max joining the "House for Abandoned & Dysfunctional Children" @ 8608 Sunnyside.  Mom and I refer to her home as the boarding school, since Melvin & I bunk here while poor Pete is working in CA.  Trust me I'm not complaining.  We're definitely lucky...seeming as how I'm 25 and I don't pay rent, don't do my own laundry, and rarely clean the house.  Mom is the ideal caretaker and I try every day not to take advantage of that.  Her folding is impeccable though. And no one can work a Swiffer like she does.  But feel bad for her at your own risk.  She's currently enjoying Cakebread wine & shopping with my sister in the Hamptons.  I can't help but feel a little jealous...I have to work 8 days in a row next week! But I too will see my uncle, aunt & cousin this October for Gma's 80th.  In fact, that's one occasion Max will be ATTENDING! That's right.  Max will be balls-deep in AICM clinical rotations in Miramar, FL by then, so driving 45 min to Boca for the weekend is a legit plan.

Thanks for staying in touch with us, ehhh, Me while I push on through the next month.  I don't even think anybody reads this (except for you Mom, and maybe Kim?!) but I find it therapeutic.  I love to write.  I even miss school... I miss having an intellectual challenge of some sort. Until then though, I have my physical challenge of losing 20 lbs for the wedding. Guess I'll have to 'master' that goal first!  I have the next 2 days off work.  I will probably catch up on neglected maintenance (doctor, vet & hair) appointments.  Oh and Grey's Anatomy.  It makes me remember why I wanted to apply to Ross in the first place. Because of that show. Newsflash to me, It's not a real show, hence I didn't get into med school.  But thank GOD I didn't! I could never do what Max does. He's a machine. It's pretty amazing actually! I can't help but be proud.  Goodnight & namaste! 


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