Monday, September 17, 2012


Sept 8 was our first time back in America since April for Max and July for myself.  Poor Max had a whirlwind trip leaving Friday and returning Monday.  We both ate like kings and drank like.. well, how we drink when we celebrate.  We ate at this amazing steakhouse in the city called Palm Too, which is part of the Palm restaurant. Delicious steak, potatoes au gratin, lobster...yummy. We also had NYC bagels at H+H and 3 am NYC pizza.  We went out with some of the new fam to Midtown 1015 and met up with Maxs college roomie, Pete, which was really fun.Did I mention we had CRuMBS cupcakes?? ahhh!

We stayed at Grandma and Grandpas apt in the city which is beautiful and reminds me of the vanderwoodsens house in gossip girl.  It was so good to see them! uncle michael, amy and ava were also amazing hosts who also have a to-die-for apartment *drool*.  Ava is getting so big and so grown-up, shes a little princess-doll!!

 One of the highlights of that trip for me was Fashions night out at bloomies and saks.  I also bought a pair of heels for $20 off (in celebration of FNO) at steve madden. Anyway, back at bloomies, uncle michael bought me the most beautiful DVF dress and gold jewelry to wear to the wedding.  Thank you to Michael and amy- they have always been the most crazy-generous people! We then enjoyed some watermelon martinis and saw the very-leggy live models strutting some new fall fashions. LOVED seeing some over-the-knee boots finally! (its not exactly fall on the island). For some reason HandM wasnt as impressive as it once was..the store was messier than usual and it gave me mad anxiety! Everything was overly picked through *sigh* Next, Grandma and grandpa kindly took me on the most amazing Lulu shopping spree.  I bought a few of my favorite power y tanks and some run fast-and-frees and finally, the wunder-under crops in purple. LOVE!  Ali, mom and I had fun getting ready for the wedding at chanel and lancome at saks. I hadnt seen a mall in literally MONTHS. I was dying.  We bought some new fall color shadow compacts, lip glosses and of course, one of my ABSOLuTELY-MuST(!!!)HAVE for Dominica Items--> my waterproof lancome mascara! =).

(to be continued...)

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