Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Adventuretime: middleham, titou and screws

Our day began at 9 am, packed into a bus, as we headed into the more "jungley" areas of the island.  The roads in Dominica are WINDY. I'm not one to get car sick, but wow that ride made me woozy.  After 1.5 hrs in the bus, we arrived to the bottom of our hiking destination at Middleham falls. The hike up was a fun one, it was mostly shaded by palms and awesome fern-gully looking trees.  After about 45-1 hr of hiking we arrived at the waterfall and jumped in for a swim and some cliff jumping, which naturally I had no part of. At the end of the hike back, I realized that the name of the peaks on my water bottle was the same as the mountain we were on!! Can you imagine being in the Evian peaks or the Arrowhead spring with the designated water bottle? Then we traveled to Titou Gorge which is some sort of cave, with a small waterfall at the end of it. The water was so deep, and there wasn't anywhere you could sit if you got tired until the waterfall.

After a day of hiking, we all agreed it would be best if we ventured over to Screws Spa, which is a series of natural hot springs of all different temperatures.  Max and I had been here before,but it definitely is an island hot spot.  After all this, we were starving, so we ordered $510 of Pizza Hut. There is 1 pizza hut on the island which is located in Roseau, near to where we were.

Genny, Max, Will, John and I had reservations at iguana cafe that night- not because it was busy, but because there wouldn't be any food for us to order otherwise! The restaurant is a tiny shack on the beach complete with Dominican trinkets and homemade decorations. Since this cafe is right on the beach, all the lobster and fish dishes were caught that day. This meant yummy lobster and tuna for everyone, except me. But I did try the tuna caprecio covered in lemon sauce which I liked.

It was a long, fun day for me, and a long, but not so fun day for Max who was studying the brain all day. Can't wait to check out some more hiking spots with the group soon!


  1. seems like a lot of fun too me!! I like how with such a small place you find newness-


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