Monday, September 17, 2012

A who's who of Dominica

So now that we've been deserted on a tiny island long enough, we've developed our own Dominican family. Since you (fam and friends of AZ and CO) have not met our Dominican fam yet, I'd like to include this "Page 6" of Who's who in Dom for your reference :)

Cody: our neighbor from Texas who has crazy stories from the ROTC (?) army at Texas A&M. He always has a smile on his face. Medicine enthusiast and musician alike, Cody sings, plays and writes his own music on his acoustic guitar. Cody's pretty talented!! Did I mention he makes an awesome grilled cheese?? Mmmm.

Will: Will is a service animal-companion-spouse like me to Genny. We like to go on adventures, find free food, and cool hiking spots. He is a Risk chanpion and a master of the GRE...Will is very intelligent. Congrats to him for heading to grad school soon!! Will is one of our closest friends who loves rum and we know it's a good night if the T-Rex arms make an appearance! I'm lucky that Will is here "spousing" with me.

Sandwiches: Dubbed "Sandwiches" by Joe, this black and white feline loves to make appearances at Flamboyant mid afternoon each day. She is literally starving ( :( ), and stands on her hind limbs when I serve her food. It's always satisfying to watch her finish her fancy feast! But Beware: this determined stray will dart into your house if the door is cracked, with intentions of hiding under your bed and not leaving. Shes very friendly though and I hope someone adopts her soon. Sandwiches has been known to eat the heart of birds and swallow live geckos, so don't let her furry cute demeanor fool you. She's a feisty survivor of the harsh rains, intense heats, freaky locals and most importantly, the evils of Nemesis. Nemesis is one who I only know of by word of mouth. He is a cat-monster who lurks in the shadows and can be heard screeching and screaming at the highest pitches. He hisses at humans and attacks cats, dogs and creatures alike. Meow.

Max always says he probably wouldn't be succeeding here without the help from the following:

Genny: Genny is my best girl friend that I've made here. She was Maxs neighbor in the Viceroy house from MERP in the Bahamas last winter. We share clothes, views on having babies, gym routines, nail polish and similar Dominican trials and tribunes. It would suck here without her! She's one of those smart and pretty girls who are actually funny and down to earth too. She also made up the delicious cocktail called the Dominican tap water containing vodka, lemon juice, iced tea, and some other ingredient that I seem to have forgotten. Delicious!!

John: John is a superhuman. He is pretty much good at everything. Why they call him the Korean Lionel richie though, I don't know, because I've only heard him sing once, and let's just say it wasn't impressive as his ab routine in the gym. Johns laugh is one that will light up a dreary study trailer and I know Max is happy to have him here. Uncle John will also secretly buy me candy without Max knowing at IGA. We also made up the red-and-white gummy-bears-soaked-in-white-wine drink. John is awesome because he will always drink a chilled glass of Pinot with me. Yummy.

Mahir: another superhuman, Mahir didn't eat or drink water during the day for a whole month during medical school! And still made the grades. Wow. Talk about self control! I'm not sure I know anyone else that can do that. Mad respect to him. Mahir is a great friend and host: he is very welcoming and extremely friendly. Mahir also will eat anything I cook and act like he likes it, even when it is a disaster! Mahir is the teacher and master of the white board for the group. His voice is that of a seasoned professor as he teaches lectures he just learned that day! He's also snack chair. Chips and mangoes..yum!

Joe: Joe is a cartoon. He is hilarious and kind to everyone he meets. He is the social butterfly and "connector" of the group. He knows pretty much everybody, local and student alike, on the island. He can relate to anyone and make immediate best friends with a room full of strangers. He has a contagious smile and is a great friend to Max. I think of him as Max's twin: they're pretty much the same besides their tastes in girls (Joe prefers exotic Colombians like his pretty gf Yetri). They have the same haircut, same diet, and can always be spotted in matching blue T shirts. It's always a good day when Joe stops by our place to say Hi

Photos to follow!

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