Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The first test.

So the first test of medical school was on Monday. It was an hour and a half, 69 questions and if I failed, it would damn near mean the end of my medical career. With that said, you can understand why this is the only thing I can think of writing about. It is all anybody talks or thinks about. All day we spend our time trying to think of how the professors are going to try to fool us the next time around. I guess I am leaning a ton as well, but the name of the game is passing the test. As of now I know I passed but I'm not sure if the countless hours I put into that hour and a half payed off with a higher score, or if that was what is necessary to just scrape by. I sure hope not. I should find out my score this afternoon. maybe I will have something good to write about. But at least today, I am not tired, got right out of bed and am ready for the day. 4 hours of biochemistry lectures, my least favorite subject.

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