Friday, January 25, 2013

Semester 3 so far

So I'm accompanying Max on the island until March 19! My first week back wasn't too exciting. I figured since I have to be here anyways, an island with no food, I might as well work on my diet. I've complied with it so far, but I'm starving and can't wait for cheat day tomorrow!

1. found out yesterday that the water supply here is messed up, and that we won't be able to even brush our teeth with it for another month! Yikes.
2. Just finished my first James Patterson book, Guilty Wives. Kinda sounds lame, but it was an awesome read. I highly recommend it!
3. The beach is perfect! Sometimes you'll even spot a pretty cruise ship like the one pictured.
4. Scrappy is doing well. He's pretty popular nowadays. He has his own Facebook profile and is always updating it. He's the only stray dog I know that can sit, shake, lie down and roll over! Impressive. I haven't seen poor Sandwiches at all since I've been here. Hope she's OK
5. I stumbled upon a new restaurant and like a bored idiot, asked if they needed any help. I stocked for about an hour today, and am returning at 8 am tomorrow. I hope they will pay me LOL. The restaurant is perfect and just what Ross needed. The bar is brand new, the tables will be properly cleaned and nice dishes will be used. They even have the cutest tiki bar and lounge area. Love it

Meanwhile, poor Max is at it again. 7 am wake up call, class 8-12, lunch 12-1, class or library 1-5, gym 5-6, dinner and an episode of Nashville (our fave show right now)6-7:30, and studying with the group 7:30-10:30. He's a medical school machine! So proud of him though. He's incredible!

We are beginning to speak more about the wedding. Still aiming for 12/28/13, and we've already finished the first draft of the guest list. Fun!!

That's pretty much my week 1 update. Thanks for reading!


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  1. I love when you do an update - helps me not feel so far away!!!!!!! Love to you both :)


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